Gokuldas Heart Hospital

A promise to save life’ was the only thought in the mind of Dr.Gokuldas while establishing this renowned hospital. Founded in 1985, Gokuldas Hospital created milestones in the field of healthcare.The hospital has been recognized as Central India’s most trusted hospital. This journey is now well headed by Dr.Gokuldas alongwith his sons Mr. Anand Gokuldas and Dr. Sanjay Gokuldas. With a vision of committed services to patients,the hospital has

added world-class facilities from time to time. It includes first MRlfacility of the Central India way back in 1995, computerizations of Pathology Lab, First Knee Replacement facility of the Central India and hi-tech Intensive Care Unit.

Beginning from a 35-bed capacity, the hospital has now grown to the size of 150-bed hospital with numerous diagnostic facilities and number of services in various disciplines.



Mad rush of modern life and rise in stress has increased possibilities of cardiac diseases. Given the seriousness of cardiac problems it becomes essential to fight it right from the root, which lies in our living style, our diet, even our laziness to exercise. However, when we are struck with this kind of health calamity the tendency is to rush to the metros. The reason is simple. Indore lacks in the specialization of heart care.
Equipped with world-class facilities and expertise, we have stepped forward to create a place to fight for precious lives, which we can save with our commitment to treat these diseases at affordable cost.
Technology of international standards is roofed here. The touch of comprehensive care facilities enable us to deliver the best results.



GHH is one goal-oriented place that ensures excellent faci l it ies to the patient who feels secured and ,
relaxed in our hand s.We keep hygiene and care topmost beyond our hi-tech facilities.


It stands the most significant facet of the Heart Hospital. The modular operation theatre with antibacterial chemicals on walls, they are fully made of stainless steel.The theatre is centrally airconditioned, facilitated with Laminar Air flow and Hepafilter installed to make the environment immune of all germs and bacteria.This facility also doesn’t allow infected air come inside when the gates of operation room are opened.

The best amongst all machines available worldwide, this is the most modern and trusted cath lab for angiography and angioplasty because of its high resolution & clear images. It also helps in abdominal, peripheral and renal angiography.This facility is available in a very few hospitals of the country.

The 6-bed unit is the most technically sound facet of the Heart Hospital. Here exclusive nurse is assigned for individual patient.lt is the area for most critical monitoring of patients immediately after the cardiac surgery.


Fully air-conditioned, 10 bed ICCU with round the clock intensivists, trained nursing staff, central monitors, ventilators etc, it provides the required critical care for both cardiology and cardiac surgery patients.Also there is backup of 14 bedded ICU.