A Promise to save life was the only thought in the mind of Dr. Gokuldas while establishing this renowned hospital.Founded in 1985, Gokuldas Hopital created milestones in the field of healthcare . the hospital has been recognized as ceneral india’s most trusted hospital.This journey is now well headed by this sons Mr. Anand Gokuldas and Dr. Sanjay Gokuldas along with Dr. Gokuldas.

With a vision of committed services to patients, the hospital has added world class facilities from time to time. It includes first MRI facility of Central India way back in 1995, computerizations of Pathology Lab, First Knee Transplantation facility of Central India and Hi tech Intencive Care Unit. Beginning from 35 – Bed capacity,the hospital has now grown to the size of 150-Bed hospital with numerous diagnostic facilities and number of services in various disciplines.

Our Mission & Vision

To be the best-in-the-class in providing quality and advanced healthcare facilities and services at the most affordable costs.

Dr. Gokuldas always feels that the overwhelming trust shown onus by our valued clients and well wishers made it possible to reach at this level. He is sure that their ever remained guidance & support will always be available to us to reach the next milestone.